The Male Coaches Award is the Henry Cooper award, named after club legend Henry Cooper who personified the characteristics embodied in the award that carries his name; commitment, attitude and a great team spirit.

Year Men Women
 2022 Alaistair Fried Jess Sun
2021 Peter Rossiter Krishna Bhuva
2019 Jacob Bierhuizen Jennifer Naughton
2018 Andrew Lui Charlotte Dawson
2017 Ben Carmody Jacinta McElwee
2016 Chun Hao Chiang Sarah Chiappa
2015 Ryder Ethelston Steph Ritchie
2014 Matt Anderson Grace Currie
2013 Nick White Kate Coffey
2012 Andy Hogben Rebecca Twyerold
2011 James Cosgriff Maree De Wijn
2010 Dan Nelson Charlotte McNamara
2009 Jonathon Hambur Kylie Turnley
2008 Justin Turnley Laura Heyting
2007 Michael Pau Mary Sparkes
2006 Morgan Arundell Rhia Mikkor
2005 Tom Leong Steph Canale
2004 Matthew Hillbrich Danielle Winkelman
2003 Toby Wallace-Crabbe  
2002 Joel Berry Corrie Zulicki
2000 Neil Fernandez Kate Christopherson