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Alumni Night 2016

June 4th, 2016 - submitted by smoke

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May 28th at the Melbourne Uni sports center was the center of the universe for MUBC's first alumni event in recent memory and what a night it turned out to be.

Following on from last years publication of our historical Dribbling Balls newsletters, an invitation was sent to out to some of our former club legends to see if we could get them along to meet the next generation at a Big V double header at the Tin Alley Sports Center.

As the alumni started to roll through the doors during the beginning of the womens game, it was clear that we were in for a very special night.

During half-time of the womens game, some of our most famous alumni were offered the microphone and addressed the crowd about what it meant to be MUBC. The King, Coops, JC and Norm did us proud there and it really set the stage for the rest of the evening.

During the third quarter of the womens game, mens coach Grantley Bernard invited the male alumni into the locker room to be part of the pre-game scout and whiteboard session. There was a solemn and respectful silence from the alumni crowded into the corners of the changeroom during this session and quite a few teary eyes as well. The reminiscing started to kick in.

The girls team pulled out a fantastic victory against the Mornington Breakers and were followed up with a terrific game between the MUBC mens team against La Trobe Energy from Traralgon.

Later on and after the men won in a big upset victory, the alumni joined in to sing our victory song together at center court. That would have to go down as one of the most special moments during my time with the club.

A huge thank you is due to everyone who was involved. Hopefully we can replicate this event to make it even bigger and better in the future!

Special thanks to all the alumni in attendance. Past players like Norman Longmuir, John Campbell, Henry Cooper, Scott Cuffe, Stuart Verrier, James Fidler, Lach Strong, Lucien Boland, Nick Rintoul, Wildman, Elliot, Chocko, Liam/Marcus Norton and Glenda all come to mind to me when I think back on the night and there were also so many new and old names and faces to meet and greet. Overall, the night really exceeded expectations and has set a terrific precedent for future efforts to recognise our legendary alumni.