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Norm Longmuir - Video Interview

May 31st, 2016 - submitted by smoke

Norman Longmuir is one of the founding fathers of Melbourne University Basketball Club from 1953. In this interview, Norm recounts several experiences during those formative years including intervarsity, provides some context around the Victorian basketball scene at that time, discusses basketball at the 1956 olympics and compares the style of play of the 1950's Melbourne Uni team to the modern era team of 2016.

Oh, and he casually mentions how he brought the shuffle offence to Australia!

7m mark: Business houses (VBHBA)
31m mark: Womens basketball
32m mark: Potential basketball at MU prior to 1953
40m mark: Cricketers & other athletes were required to play for MU whilst undergraduates. MU's first 11 played in the Victorian Cricket Association at that time.
41m, 30s: Church side in 1958 with Lindsey Gaze & Bill White
42m, 24s: Uni alumni playing in business houses (VBHBA)
43m, 20s: Morman Yankees in Melbourne
49m: Norm brings the shuffle offence to Australia!!!
52, 40s: Norm compares the playing style of his 1957 side to the 2016 MU side