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Free throw visualisation training program

August 12th, 2013 - submitted by smoke

This free throw visualisation program was developed by MSAC referee Fatemeh Fazel who is doing post-graduate studies in Psychology. As part of her course work, she has been testing a basketball imagery training exercise with a number of MUBC players.

The exercise involves listening to an audio recording and visualising yourself in a basketball game, shooting free throws.

After having participated in the program personally, I can suggest that this made a significant improvement in my confidence and accuracy shooting free throws for my Tuesday night and Sunday night basketball teams. I'd definitely recommend the program for anyone willing to commit a few hours to it over the course of three weeks.

Here are the links to the scripts:

1. Instructions  (2 minutes, 2mb)

2. Week one program (5 minutes, 4.7mb)

3. Week two program (7 minutes, 6.5mb)

4. Week three program (8 minutes, 7.9mb)

* right-click and 'Save as' to download

Enjoy! If you have any feedback on the program, feel free to add a facebook comment to this page.