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MU1 Win First ever CYMS 2024 Summer A grade Men's Premiership in Club History

April 29th, 2024 - submitted by Peter Rossiter

Last week the MU1 men carved their names into MCBA (formerly CYMS) history by capturing the Club's first-
ever CYMS A-grade Men's championship. The culmination of their journey was a resounding 94-66 victory
over Breakaway in the grand final and completing an undefeated season with the premiership. Both teams
featured a number of former and current MU Big V veterans, showing the strength of the program and
culture at the club. 

Spearheading the charge was the remarkable performance of Ben Fewster, whose impeccable shooting and
electrifying dunks consistently broke the spirits of oppositions, and propelled the team to victory. Fewster's
standout display in the grand final, amassing 31 points, secured him the title of Grand Final MVP and
underscored his indispensable role in the men's success.

Joining Ben in the spotlight was Liam Norton, whose late arrival to the team did not diminish his instrumental
contributions. Despite his status as the team's elder statesman, Liam's on-court leadership, precise passing,
and sharpshooting added a vital dimension to MU1’s arsenal, culminating in a noteworthy 20-point
performance in the championship game.

Stefan Pomasan, undeterred by a foot injury that kept him out of the semi-final, showcased his exceptional
shooting prowess by delivering a stellar 23-point performance in the grand final. Stef's resilience and
exceptional performances throughout the season, including a standout 47-point showing against Team-X in
round 6, solidified his reputation as one of the Club's best shooters of all time.

Nick Masunda emerged as the team's leading scorer, averaging an impressive 21 points per game and
serving as the driving force behind the men’s offensive juggernaut. Masunda's relentless scoring and
rebounding were driven by a seemingly bottomless pool of energy that belies his age. Nick’s dedication to
the art of the upfake was again in full display during the grand final, leaving opponents powerless to contain
him. As Nick steps away from BigV this year and transitions into domestic basketball we look forward to
seeing Nick consistently cut his naps short and wake up in time for games.

Marcus Norton, (aka the superior Norton) distinguished himself as a defensive stalwart, frustrating opponents
with his tenacious play and unwavering commitment. Unluckily Marcus was narrowly overlooked for an NBL1
call-up this year (and every year), nevertheless, Norto2 has been a defensive anchor for us all season long.

Although sidelined for the grand final, reigning Melbourne Uni men's BigV MVP Joel Rimes left an indelible
mark on the team with his unparalleled skill and court vision. Seeming to not get out of 3rd gear all season,
Rimes' pivotal contributions, particularly in the semi-final demolition of Razorbacks, clearly demonstrate that
Joel’s 3rd gear is more than most can handle. We all look forward to seeing what he is able to do at full flight
for the remainder of the BigV season.

Musti, MU1’s fearless point guard, showcased his versatility by penetrating defenses, distributing assists, and
knocking down crucial three-pointers as if on cue. Musti's dynamic playmaking proved instrumental in
dismantling opposing teams all year and with his vicious crossover he often made defenders look like they
were trying to dance in a puddle on the dancefloor.

Despite the absence of the enigmatic Jovan in the Grand Final, whose potential game-changing presence
loomed large, the Men exhibited unwavering resolve and unity to secure a historic triumph.

This has been a long-awaited championship victory for MUBC, celebrating not only the culmination of a
remarkable season but also the culmination of over 70 years of dedication and perseverance. As they raise
their championship beer mugs high, this MU1 team stands as a testament to the power of teamwork, well-
timed skiing trips, and the sensible consumption of alcohol.

In the aftermath of the match, the Men joined Breakaway for dinner at a local pub. And in the backdrop of
their triumph, the boys all reflected on the words of Smoke, whose desire for another championship had him
leave MU1 for Breakaway last year:

I’m running with you boys again next season!


Clearly, Smoke’s aspirations of bringing home the first Sunday night A-grade championship for Melbourne
University were finally realized, but perhaps not in the fashion he had imagined. Nevertheless, his return is
certainly welcomed and a good omen for the future of the team!

Finally, a massive shout out to the Clyde Hotel for being our MVP off the court this season. Your sponsorship
and those slick uniforms helped us look good during every victory!