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Title: Youth League Men Midseason Wrap (2023)

May 31st, 2023 - submitted by Josh McNally

Youth League Men Midseason Wrap (2023)


2023 began with a bang as we dominated against Chelsea, securing a remarkable victory with a close to 80-point lead. However, the following weeks proved challenging as three of our starters succumbed to injuries, sidelining them for an extended period. This setback undoubtedly affected our team's performance, leading to a series of losses in subsequent matches.


Nevertheless, our resilience shone through during the second doubleheader, where we managed to rally and secure a couple of wins. These victories injected much-needed momentum, setting the stage for an exhilarating clash against the talented and fast-paced Mornington team.


Fortunately, most of our team had returned by this point, and their presence was palpable. The first half showcased exceptional defensive efforts, halting Mornington's scoring runs. Credit must be given to our coaches, Tim, Mac and Joe, whose meticulous scouting report played a pivotal role in executing our defensive strategy almost flawlessly. The game concluded with a commanding lead, instilling newfound confidence within the team as we approached the forthcoming rounds.


Over the past two weeks, we experienced a mix of remarkable triumphs and one disappointing loss. The loss came at the hands of a physical Wallan team following a grueling Sunday doubleheader. Although we fiercely battled throughout the game, we could not clinch victory. This defeat served as a valuable lesson, revealing areas where we need to improve physically and strategically.


However, our team quickly regrouped and set sights on the next significant challenge—a showdown against the table-topping Whittlesea, representing the other conference in our youth league division. We entered the game with unwavering determination, starting strong right from the tip-off. Our collective efforts resulted in another massive win against a talented basketball side.


Currently, our team stands proudly in second place in our conference, a testament to the hard work and dedication of the boys. Looking ahead, we aim to secure a few more victories in the upcoming weeks, further solidifying our position in the league standings.


The Youth League Men's journey in 2023 has been tough, but Tim prepared us well. We look forward to the challenges and triumphs ahead as the season unfolds.