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Presentation Night Wrap Up 2022

October 14th, 2022 - submitted by Jordyn Grubišić

Last Saturday, the Melbourne Uni Basketball Club traded basketball shoes and jerseys for slick suits and dazzling dresses at our 2022 Presentation Night.

 Drinks were flowing at the Golden Gate Hotel in South Melbourne with a very generous bar tab and canapes roaming for the night, helping the already rowdy bunch get rowdier.

Everybody had the chance to catch up with teammates, gush over how great the night already was, hit the bar and take some gorgeous pics, until the main event started – the award presentation.

 President Saurus said it was an incredible night where everyone was in top form.

 “After having to suspend presentation night for the last couple of years because of COVID, it was great to see us come back in fine form!

 “A big congratulations needs to go out to all award winners, but I would like to particularly thank Shawn for his contributions this year and turning our Big V mens team from cellar dwellers to finalists.

 “A big thanks of course also goes to Grantley, whose tenure at the club as womens and mens head coach has brought us a lot of success and even more fond memories. I think we have a lot to look forward to as a club in 2023. I can’t wait to see everything it has to bring!”

 The room was full of MUBC members and friends all keen to celebrate an incredible year and it was clear from the vibe that everyone was excited to be there and celebrate all their achievements.

 The 2019 Big V women’s side finally received their Division Two championship rings to kick off the awards, a great start to the night demonstrating the incredibly talented players the club have taking the floor every week.


Then the domestic competition awards were handed out.

 The women’s CYMS summer 21/22 MBP winners were Tailah Ross for MU1 A grade, Kayla Elliott for MU2 A grade, Caris Lockart for MU3 B1 grade, and Krishna Bhuva for MU5 B2 grade.

 The men’s CYMS summer 21/22 MVP winners were Joel Rimes for MU1 A grade, Peter Rossiter for MU2 A grade, Fred Keck for MU3 A reserve, Alex Hitchman for MU4 B grade, Gagan K P for MU5 C grade, and Bryan Ng for MU6 D grade.

 The women’s CYMS winter 2022 MVP award winners were Alex Doddridge for MU1 A grade, Kayla Elliott for MU2 A grade, Ofelia Ha for MU3 B grade, and Low Ziyi for MU5 B grade.

 The female MCBA winter MVP was MU1 A grade player Akshaya Ramakrishnan and the winner of the men’s MCBA winter MU1 A grade MVP was Samuel Tolomei.

 The CYMS winter season MVP winners were Josh McNally for MU1 A grade, Alister MacIness for MU2 A Reserve, Russell George for MU3 A Reserve, Jack Easton for MU4 B Grade, Wentao Hu for MU5 B Grade, Alex Hitchman for MU6, Harry Davis for MU7 D Grade, David Hohalli for MU8, and Yee Wang Lee for MU9.


The MUBC male award winners were Solomon Berechree for best first year player, Nathaniel Low for most improved, Jacob Hannah for best defensive, and Alastair Fried for coaches award.

 MSDBA Winter MVP award winners were Damien Murphy for MU1 A grade, Zakaria Nasba for MU2 B grade, Josh Sum for MU3 C grade, and Haozhen Hu for MU4 E grade.

 The MSDBA summer 21/22 MU1 A grade MVP was not award and the MU2 B grade MVP award was given to Zakaria Nasba.

 Xavier Evans took out the Big V men’s defensive player award, and both Joel Rimes and Joe Furphy won Big V MVP.

 The women’s Big V MVP was Emmie O’Nial, with Amelia Smith taking out the Big V defensive player award and Kylie Turnley won the Big V coaches award.

 For the MUBC women Jess Su won best first year player and coaches award, Ofelia Ha won most improved, and Low Ziyi won best defensive player.

 Social awards were presented with Jimmer and Kayla winning cutest couple, and taking tequila shots in the most romantic way.

 Alex Hitchman won best dressed male and as he strolled up to collect his tequila shot in the sauve black suit and bowtie it was clear why he won. Kylie Turnley won best dressed female in a stunning black dress.  

 Shawn King won deepest pockets at MUBC after being a generous contributor to the club at Warrnambool and worst haircut was “surprisingly” given to Joel Rimes.

 One of the biggest surprises of the night was Matt Roseby, surprisingly clothed, winning the most likely to be shirtless much to the shock of Jimmer who had been carefully carving out the title for himself over the years.

 Alex Doddridge accepted a tequila shot for best disguise, and although shot monitors were keeping an eye out for a jacket change, it is still uncertain whether she somehow managed to come back and get a second one.

Relieved of his post for the night, Nat Low won best door bitch and Tailah Ross accepted her shot for wearing glorified pjs to training. Nick Masunda accepted the shot for best dance moves, demonstrating a moonwalk that would make MJ faint.

Dancing followed with various DJs stepping up to the decks for the night. Classics like Mr Brightside, Smack That and Tik Tok had the dancefloor absolutely pumping and it was at this point in the night that those playing in the Sunday night competition would’ve been praying for a late game.

It was an incredible night and a big thank you has to be extended to the committee for organising it, members of the club for joining and participating throughout the year and all attendees for making it a stellar night.


Can’t wait for next year!