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Vale Rhys Lewis

December 22nd, 2016 - submitted by the black angels

Rhys started with the club in 1954. He was 6’4” and a school high-jump champion. He would execute reverse slam layups at warm ups to intimidate the opposition. He was asked to train in the State Victorian side – but declined as he was studying to be a dentist and felt he could not devote the time needed.

 1954 – Rhys played in Intervarsity games in Brisbane and received a Full Blue. He was also picked in the “all-star” team.

1955 – Rhys played in the Intervarsity games in Tasmania and received a Full Blue. Unfortunately he was not picked in the “all-star” team because he got suspended for knocking down a rather “rough” Tasmanian player who had been giving him a hard time for most of the game.

1956 – Rhys played in the Intervarsity games in Sydney , received a Half Blue and also made the “all-star team”

1957 – Rhys played in the Intervarsity games in Perth where MUBC won. He received a full blue and made the “all-star team”.

1958 – Rhys received a half-blue at Melbourne University.


An action shot from I.V. in Sydney (he is number 18)



Some shots from the business houses comp in Melbourne



The 1sts in 1957 – Rhys is top row middle



1955 IV team (number 18)