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2016 Big V D1M Season Schedule and Results

June 14th, 2016 - submitted by the black angels


Round     Date   Home/Away     Time     Oppostion      Score           Match Centre Youtube Gamefootage     Big V TV  
Round 1     Sunday the 30th March   Away     3.30pm      Keilor       Melb Uni 72 def. by Keilor 81     Statistics Link  YouTube Link




MU: 6:28

Round 2    

Saturday the 2nd of April



    7.30pm      Casey      Melb Uni 66 def. by Casey 68        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


Mu: 0:22


Round 2     Sunday the 3rd of April   Home     1.00pm       Mildura     Melb Uni 69 def. by Mildura 80        Statistics Link YouTube Link     


Mu: 3:20


Round 3     Saturday the 9th of April   Home     8.30pm      Shepparton     Melb Uni 44 def. by Shepparton 63        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 4:15



Round 4     Saturday the 16th of April   Away     7.30pm      Geelong     Melb Uni 54 def. by Geelong 95
       Statistics Link Youtube Link     


MU: 1:35


Round 4     Sunday the 17th of April   Home     2.30pm       Blackburn     Melb Uni 50 def. by Blackburn 79        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 7:20


Round 5     Saturday the 23rd of April   Away     8.00pm       Latrobe City     Melb Uni 65 def. by Latrobe City 85        Statistics Link
YouTube Link





Round 6     Saturday the 30th of April   Home     8.30pm       Warrandyte     Melb Uni 75 def. Warrandyte 64        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 6:00


Round 7     Saturday the 7th of May   Home     7.00pm       Keilor     Melb Uni 86 def. Keilor 78        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 0:40


Round 7     Sunday the 8th of May   Away     3.00pm       Warrnambool     Melb Uni 49 def. by Warrnambool 112        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 7:46

Round 8     Sunday the 15th of May   Away     2.00pm      Sunbury     Melb Uni 60 def. by Sunbury 89        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 4:55

Round 9     Saturday the 21st of May   Home     8.30pm      Keysborough     Melb Uni 100 def. by Keysborough 108        Statistics Link YouTube Link    


MU: 4:20

Round 10     Saturday the 28th of May   Home     8.30pm       Latrobe City     Melb Uni 84 Def. Latrobe City 72        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 4.57

Round 11     Saturday the 4th of June   Away     8.00pm     Mildura     Melb Uni 84 def. by Mildura 92        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link


Round 12     Saturday the 18th of June   Home     8.30pm     Camberwell     Melb Uni 82 Def. Camberwell 76        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 4:26

Round 13     BYE                                          
Round 14     Saturday the 2nd of July   Away     8.00pm     Melton     Melb Uni 76 def. by Melton 83     Statistics Link  YouTube Link      Link

MU: 1:05 

Round 14     Sunday the 3rd of July   Home     1.00pm     Geelong     Melb Uni 77 def. by Geelong 86        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 3:45

Round 15     Saturday the 9th of July   Home     8.30pm     Warrnambool     Melb Uni 64 def. by Warrnambool 87        Statistics Link
YouTube Link



MU: 3:50

Round 15     Sunday the 10th of July   Away     2.00pm     Camberwell     Melb Uni 79 Def Camberwell 66        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 5:33

Round 16     Saturday the 16th of July   Home     8.30pm     Melton     Melb Uni 75 def. by Melton 89        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 4:20

Round 17     Sunday the 24th of July   Away     3.00pm     Blackburn     Melb Uni 60 def. by Blackburn 103        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 6:20

Round 18     Saturday the 30th of July   Away     8.00pm     Chelsea     Melb Uni 72 def. by Chelsea 76        Statistics Link YouTube Link      Link

MU: 5:40