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Claire Edwards hits 50 Games!

July 4th, 2014 - submitted by Black Angels #3 Fan

This weekend our D2W point guard Claire Edwards will celebrate a Big V milestone game. MUBC would like to congratulate Claire on her 50th Big V Game.

Find out a little bit more about Claire in her player profile. 

Claire’s Player Profile
Started playing basketball: 7
Junior Club (if applicable):  Morwell and Dandenong
Joined MUBC: 2011
Singlet Number: 4
Best basketball memory: Winning Gold at the National Junior Championships in Maitland when I played for Dandenong
Best game: Round 1 2013 Big V Season against Coburg. I shot 5 of 6 treys, I’m sure the sparkling Shiraz at lunch helped!
Best asset: On court or off? On court – my annoying defence, off court – maybe my bum, some would say it’s better than Bozzle’s!
Favourite pre-game food: Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich
Favourite drink at the bar: As most of you know, I don’t drink, but if I did it would be vodka lime soda, or sparkling Shiraz!
Most embarrassing moment: I’ve had a few and try not to think about them so if you were (un)fortunate enough to witness one then best keep it to yourself
Best holiday destination: My aunty lives in Zurich so that’s definitely a favourite
Favourite MUBC event: Warnie Tournie – those poles at the Gallery bring out the best in everybody.
Best song to dance to: Anything from the 90s, can’t go past a bit of “Back Street’s Back”
Funniest MUBC member: Gen Heff (party version) – that girl knows how  to rip up the d floor and entertain the crowd, looking forward to her return when “Study Gen” goes on holiday.


We love that in true MUBC form, a couple of lunch bevvies result in a stellar performance. Nothing like a bit of dutch courage to get you firing from the arc!

Congratulations Claire and good luck for the weekend!