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Domestic Women's teams announced

April 29th, 2013 - submitted by the black angels

The women's teams for the upcoming CYMS season have been announced and are attached below.

If you have paid your fees, been to training and are intending to play, but arent on the list, please contact Pete - peteskyking@gmail.com or Anj at aagoundar@gmail.com

Come along to training on Saturday May 4th to find out game times or stay tuned to the website for more info!


  A BLACK     A BLUE     A WHITE     B1 BLACK  
1 Kate Coffey   Caitlyn Hallett   Katrina Massey   Amanda Douglass-Parker
2 Aleksandra Vasic   Madalene Crow    Angela Holmes   Sophie Boyle
3 Isobel Leggett   Rosalind Murphy   Tilly Anderson   Michelle Clark
4 Mollie Coffey   Bec Wardle   Charlotte McNamara   Jani Boal
5 Talia Fileccia   Carla Zampaglione   Nicole Symons   Jan Wong
6 Mary Sparkes   Meaghan Helms   Jess  Reece   Codie Collins
7 Tamsin Webster   Rebecca Twyerould   Jenna Smyth   Rebecca McQuillan
8 Kylie Crowley   Joelene Rzepisko   Alexandra Prentice   Tess Roberts-Hook
9 Bec Loveridge   Isabella  Say   Morgan  Foster      
Coach BAZ     SOFIA     PETE     Damo  
  B1 BLUE     B2     C Black     C Blue  
1 Sarah  Cheong   Bridget Draper   Grace  Currie   Sarah McColl-Gausden
2 Brydie Carmichael   Yin Ling Kwan   Frances Gaffney   Emily McColl-Gausden
3 Jennifer Naughton   Roisin Lambert   Caris  Lockhart   Tess Symes
4 Anjali Goundar   Kira Merigan   Andy Zhang   Jamie Le Page
5 Sophia Naughton   Sam  Tallent   Novina Waluyo   Majo Escobar
6 Marion Muliaumasealii   Zoe  Hough   Claire  Kelly   Longyue Yuan
7 Alice Greenhill   Sarah Chiappa   Alice Hong   Caitie McClelland
8 Sheryl See   Elif Sekercioglu   Brooke McNab   Madeline Jane
9       Joy Low Koon   Annette Lee   Mayuri Wijayasundara
10             Emily  Markos   Cheuk Yee Denise Law
Coach Sof     Anj     Jen and Soph     Bec T