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Coaching opportunities

August 9th, 2013 - submitted by ree

The Melbourne Sports Institute is currently looking for coaches for various schools in the Melbourne area for the summer season: Term 4 (Oct - Nov) & Term 1 (Feb - Mar)).

The Melbourne Sports Institute is an organisation that provides coaches and umpires for private schools throughout Melbourne for their inter-school sports competitions. The inter school games involve a wide range of age groups, from Junior to Senior First teams.

Their client school’s training sessions generally take place between 12.00pm – 6.00pm, with some schools also having Saturday morning sport. (Basketball in the mornings 7am-8am) We do not necessarily require credited coaches, as even players and members with little coaching experience and good knowledge of the rules will be suitable for most of the positions. Coaching rates start at $25 per hour and increase depending on experience and qualifications.Payment is made via direct debit.

Please contact me at president@melbourneunibasketball.org.au if you are interested and I will pass on the details.