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1961 Intervarsity Men

January 1st, 1961 - submitted by the black angels

            Rod Clausens  -  definitely a Blue


               Barry (Jock) Larkins


               John (Johnny) Liddelow – also a Blue I think


               Barry Dyke – changed surname to Bennett


               David Arnott


               Kayzes Zdanavicius


               Brian Arnott


               Ralph Treloar


               John Mercer (captain)


               Len 'Alf' Arnott


I seem to remember that there were twelve of us but that might have been in the A-Grade Vic Championships squad: Larkins and Zdanavicius were not in this latter squad.


The guys on the left are not really taller – parallax effect.  We weren’t a tall squad.  John Mercer and Barry Bennett were the centres at 6’3’’ (about 190cm).


Alan Landells was the coach and in one season he turned me into a much improved player: I think he did this for us all.


Len and Alf Arnott were brothers and went to Box Hill High:  Dave was a country boy.