MUBC is a fun place to play basketball, and party!

As one of Australia's largest senior domestic basketball clubs, MUBC offers opportunities to pursue an elite or casual playing career in a non-junior program.

There are numerous eligibility clauses in regard to Membership. Go to the Join the Club page and select your current status such as being a student, alumni etc.

The fees are $70 for students and $130 for non-students to cover insurance, team entries, court hire etc. For summer season signups after August 1st, the fee is reduced to $40 for students and $70 for non-students. Note that competition organisations also charge match fees for each game.

Join The Club

Amongst other things, these fees cover:
* Player Insurance - in case you are hurt during an MUBC training or game)
* Team Registration - registration of your team in a weekly competition
* Court Hire - Saturday training sessions at Melbourne Uni
* Social Events - Our annual welcome bbq, trivia night, presentation night and christmas bbq events are subsidised by these fees

These fees do not cover your uniform or game fees which are additional costs
* Uniform (mandatory, once-off) - $70 for a singlet & shorts
Game night entry fee (mandatory, weekly) - $10 for Sunday Night games, $11 for Tuesday night games, ~$14 for Thursday night games
* Dry-fit warmup top (optional, once-off) - $30
* Hooded Jumper (optional, once-off) - $50

Big V players have a different fee structure which involves a normal MUBC membership plus an additional sponsorship fee but no weekly game fee.

For more information on joining MUBC, please get in touch with our domestic player representatives:

Men - James Shaw -

Women - Mithali Mithali -