Membership Eligibility

Any person who is currently enrolled at the University of Melbourne; or

An eligible non-Melbourne University student. This category includes (and is not limited to) the following:

  • University Students or Graduates (from any tertiary institution)
  • University Staff
  • Staff not University payroll but employed on site
  • Resident, member or staff of University's affiliated colleges and halls of residence.
  • Leave of absence and deferred students of Melbourne University
  • Immediate family of current students or eligible non-students (Siblings, parents, partners & children)
  • Life member, committee member or honorary member

Membership Entitlements

All (paid-up) members of MUBC are entitled to:

  • Represent MUBC in a domestic competition (eg. CYMS)
  • Represent MUBC in a representative competition (MMBL/Big V)
  • Represent MUBC at tournaments
  • Nominate for a position on the MUBC Committee
  • Vote at an Annual General Meeting on motions and elections of office bearers

Membership Cost

For period January 1st, 2024 - March 31st, 2025

$80 for Melbourne University Students

$155 for eligible non-students

A $10 late fee applies if fees are not paid before Apr 13

After August 1st, 2024, our student fee for 'winter season only' drops to $50.00 and our non-student fee drops to $90.00

Payment Details
We need to know well in advance in as much detail as possible when you will and won't be available to play Sunday night basketball so that we can place you in an appropriate team. The Seasons run year round from mid-january until mid-december.
If you are a new member please upload a portrait photo so we can recognise you at training and allocate you to a team.
* Even if you are an existing member from last year, we require you to fill out all the fields again so that your details can be kept up to date.