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Women's Sunday Night Fixture

May 1st, 2013 - submitted by the black angels






The women's sunday night fixture has been released for the first 4 rounds of the season!

The fixture has all the Melbourne Uni teams numbered from one to 8 so here are each teams numbers:

A Black - Melbourne Uni 1 

A Blue - Melbourne Uni 2 

A White - Melbourne Uni 3 

B1 Black - Melbourne Uni 4 

B1 Blue - Melbourne Uni 5

B2 - Melbourne Uni 6 

C Black - Melbourne Uni 7 

C Blue - Melbourne Uni 8 

Can any players with spare singlets please bring them to their game for any new payers that haven't got a uniform yet.

If there are any problems or you can't make it to your game please contact Pete - peteskyking@gmail.com or Anj - aagoundar@gmail.com

Come down to training this saturday and don't forget the Double Header this Saturday night - May the 4th be with you Toga Night!