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**UPDATE** Southern Uni Games

April 30th, 2014 - submitted by the black angels

You may have heard that Melbourne Uni is not participating in the SUG's this year but don't worry because we will still be sending our basketball teams to Wodonga!!


The SUG's will be held in Wodonga, Vic from 6-10 July. If you are an enrolled student at The University of Melbourne, you are eligible to participate.

Tryout times have changed, new tryout dates are correct as of 02/05/14 


Women: May 24th & May 31st from 10:30am @ Melbourne Uni Sports Centre

Men:      May 17th & May 24th from 10:30am @ Melbourne Uni Sports Centre



Women: Amanda Douglass-Parker    Amanda.douglass@unimelb.edu.au

Men:      Damien Murphy                  murphy_damien12@hotmail.com