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AUC / IV / Unigames team members

March 1st, 1990 - submitted by JC

The following lists the tem members of AUC / IV / Unigames teams over the years.
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1978 IV Mens Team Photo

August 28th, 1978 - submitted by JC

Back row: Graeme Clarke, Jamie Keck (Skippy), Henry Cooper, Steve Nolan, Pete Dyer, Chris Macpherson, Andrew Bett, Graeme Bennie. Front row: John Campbell, Ray Watson. Les Walker, Andrew Fithall
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MUBC wins 1978 Intervarsity nationals

August 27th, 1978 - submitted by JC

1978 saw the Men's team win the AUC (IV as it was then) in Canberra for the first time since 1965. Coops coached us to the win. Assorted info from the AUC appears below! The photo featuring the Championship shield was taken by "The Sun" newspaper when...
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